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Pong-Ping Studios
the Sound


So you wanna record, huh?

Yeah, yer from Red Bluff, but that doesn't mean your band should have a crappy sounding demo. It should sound cool because yer cool, dammit!

Also, yer from Red Bluff, so ya don't got much cash.

Maybe you want to record at yer practice space.

Maybe you don't want to drive down to Sacto and pay 150 to bring home a three song e.p. that sounds like it was recorded by a four-year old stuck inside a cardboard box.

Pong-Ping is the answer.

Y'all know me. I'm Phil. I've been recording for 10 years or some god-awful amount of time like that. I've started recording other people's bands, and they like the recorings. You will too.

Pong-Ping Studios is what I call my recording set-up, even though it's not a "studio" per-se. Instead, it's me and my stuff, and we'll go where you need us to be. We'll record in Red Bluff, Redding, Anderson, Chico... even Cottonwood if you'll buy us some fries from Roger's Frosty.

I have some nice mics and a really great recording setup (24 tracks, digital, 24bit/96kHz, etc.etc. blah blah). More than that, I've been recording and listening to music long enough to know how to make a recording sound good.

I'll record about anything, but I like indie and punk, so you should too. But like I said, I'll record anything.

You can record at my house, if you're not too loud and don't mind me doing my laundry between takes. Or I can come to your space.

And I'm cheap.

And your demo will sound good.

And your demo will sound good.

And your demo will sound good.

And your demo will sound good.

And your demo will sound good.

And your demo will sound good.

And your demo will sound good.

And your demo will sound good.

Questions? Inquiries? Email me! Don't be fearful!

Let's talk about money. Most recordings can be done for between 10 and 20 bucks a song. Less for some bands, more for others. It depends on set-up time, the recording process you want to use, how many takes and overdubs you want to do, how much post-production you want, etc. Drop me a line, and we'll talk about prices. Or we can just talk.

Pong-Ping is a low-budget recording studio in Red Bluff for those who want a recording that doesn't sound like it was recorded in a low-budget studio.

Contact me if you want to hear a cd of stuff I've recorded at my place, or click on the "sound" link to hear some short samples. Ping-Ping Recording Studio is located in Red Bluff, California, a town between Chico and Redding - which probably means nothing to you unless you live here...